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What is PCS full form | PCS Jobs, Salary & Qualification

PCS full form: In this article, you are going to read all about PCS like What is PCS Exam, What is the PCS full form, and what is the work of PCS officer, etc.

What is the PCS full form?

PCS full form is the Provincial Civil Service.

Provincial Civil Service

What is the PCS full form in Hindi?

PCS full form in Hindi is – प्रांतीय सिविल सेवा

प्रांतीय सिविल सेवा
प्रांतीय सिविल सेवा

What is PCS?

The PCS is an administrative service, which stands for Provincial Civil Service. Provincial civil services is a service that an exam conducted by state-level services commission.

PCS services come under group A and group B under the state public service commission.

It is established in 1858. It is an association of the Uttar Pradesh PCS Association. This association is headed by Additional Chief Secretary and Chief Secretary.

In this service commission employees work under the hands of state government.

And the state government has all the authority regarding the PCS officer.

Youngster applies for administrative services like PCS, IAS, and IRS. We can analyze this of growing the received application for IAS, PCS and other services.

There are multiple exams for different administrative service and every exam has a different syllabus.

For this post, you have to qualify for the exam. For PCS Exam candidate has to clear all three Phases of the exam.

After the successful completion of these entire three stages candidate is become PCS.

PCS officers are posted at any place like district, village or town within the state.

What is the full form of PCS

What is the work of a PCS officer?

PCS officer work is at any place.

PCS officer holds various posts at district, divisional and state for maintaining law and order.

There is another service like Provincial Police Service (PPS) and the Provincial Forest Service (PFS).

There is a various post in PCS exam so the PCS Exam has different work depends on their post.

The duties of PCS are development work at the block level. The duty of a PCS officer varies according to the post for which he qualified the exam.

The main responsibility of any government officer like IAS, PCS is to implement the scheme and run that scheme.

They also check the result after the successful implementation of that particular scheme.

How much salary does a PCS officer get per month?

The salary of the PCS officer is almost equal after the 7th pay commission.

As we know the PCS service is conducted by the state government so all the right regarding the PCS services totally in hands of state government either it’s about a transfer, salary appointment or termination.

Payscale may vary respective of the state under which they are employed.

The Department of Personnel or General Administration Department is the central personnel agency in the state. Which is concerned with the classification of services, pay, cadre management and training of the state civil servants.

According to Wikipedia, The Salary of PCS Officer varies from State to State and nowadays it almost near to the IAS Officer salary. That is

Pay Band:   PB-3 (15600-39100)

Grade Pay:       5400

Basic Salary:    15600

Different grade pay for the different post

  • Junior Administrative Grade pay is 7600/-
  • The selection grade officer will get 8700/- as grade pay. And get hike at a salary of RS.  37400-67000
  • Super Time Scale has 30,000/- grade pay. PCS officer can reach to the post after the 17-20 years’ service.

PCS officer has reached to high post after the 15-17 years.

The post is as high as the IAS Officer reached after the retirement.

What is the PCS Full Form?

What is PCS exam eligibility?

PCS service is state-level administrative services.

For the eligibility of the PCS exam, there are so many criteria like age limit educational qualification & nationality.

When a candidate applies for the exam of PCS under UPSC. They have to follow all the criteria.

Candidate those are applied for the exam of PCS should be an Indian citizen.

A candidate has Indian Nationality.

Age Limit:

For this exam, there is an age limit. The age limit varies from caste to caste.

For the PCS exam, there is also the relaxation in the age limit as per the government instruction.

But the age limit is 21 years to 40 years. And relaxation applicable as per the government rules.

for a Physically handicapped candidate, there is a relaxation of 15 years in their age limit.

SC /ST / OBC/ Skilled players/ State Govt. – Employees 5 year’s relaxation.

Group ‘B’ post there is 5 years of relaxation.

For Ex-serviceman, there is also relaxation as per the government rules.

Educational Qualification:

Education Qualification depends on the post for which candidates apply. In the PCS exam, their multiple posts for which candidates apply.

There is a list of educational qualification for different post respectively-

Sub Registrar, Assistant Prosecuting officer – a Law graduate

District Basic Shiksha Adhikari – Postgraduate Degree

District Cane Officer, U.P. Agriculture Service Group ‘B’ – Agriculture Graduate

District auditor officer – commerce graduate

Assistant Labor Commissioner – degree in Arts with Sociology and Economics as a subject of Commerce/Law.

How do I prepare for the PCS exam?

For the preparation of PCS exams, there is one important point which is strong determination and also hard work.

A candidate who is preparing for the exam should be very focus and self-motivated.

For the preparation of PCS, the exam candidate has to remember a few points.

  1. As we know PCS Exam conducted by a state government. So the candidate should have good knowledge of history and geography from which he/she applies.
  2. PCS is an administrative services exam. So the candidate has to be prepared for the competition and the hard work to succeed in the exam.
  3. The candidate should be the focus on the target and should be ready to learn new things.
  4. Candidate should also pay attention to the enhancement of the general knowledge.
  5. For the interview, a candidate should have a good knowledge regarding his state culture and language and customs.
  6. Candidate should have to cover the entire topic in all the sections and also have to focus on last year’s question papers. So he/she has an idea about the pattern of the exam.
  7. As the candidate solves the previous year’s exam pattern. This will increase his/her confidence level.
  8. Cover the entire topic which mentions in the syllabus. And try to finish the syllabus before a month. And in the final month revise the syllabus.
  9. The candidate should have to attend the mock test and also check the time and accuracy.

What is the difference between IAS and PCS?

Exam Conducted

IAS is Indian Administrative Services. Exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission.

PCS exam conducted by a state government. This exam conducted by the state government’s State Public Service Commission (SPSC) Like the Uttar Pradesh government conducted UPSC.

Authority to conduct the Exam:

Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) formed by central government exercises for the selection of IAS.

State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) formed by the central government on the specific request of concerned state government.

Phase-In Exam:

The exam conducted in there phase preliminary, mains and interview.

Mostly question is conceptual. And the exam emphasis on conceptual questions.

PCS Exam is also conducted in three phases, but the importance and the weight age is given to the factual part, not to the conceptual part.

Test Conducted:

Compulsory qualifying aptitude test (CSAT) checks the reasoning skills of a candidate.

This exam consists of one exam in a regional language.


IAS officers appointed by the president. But they work under the state government.

PCS Officer appointed by Governor of the state and work within the state.

Transfer and Termination:

President only has the right to terminate the IAS Officer. 

And can be transferred all over the country.

IAS officers serve in the Central Government at various posts.

PCS officers can be transferred at any place or any department but within the state.

And the state government has all the rights to transfer and terminate.

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