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IAS full form | What is Indian Administrative Service

IAS full form: in this article, we are going to read all about IAS officer, What is the full form, who is the IAS Officer, What are the Powers and Responsibilities of an IAS officer, What is the Salary of an IAS Officer, What are the educational & physical qualification of an IAS Officer, What is the syllabus for IAS exam, How do I study for the exam and many more.

IAS full form

What is the IAS full form?

IAS Full Form Is Indian Administrative Service.

What is the IAS full form in Hindi?

IAS Full Form in Hindi Is भारतीय प्रशासनिक सेवा

Who is IAS Officer?

India is a bigger nation than ever before. Thus the work of taking the responsibility to run the whole nation is a very big task and thus this needs the special wing of executives who are used by the government to run their tasks.

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the wing of all the officers that undertake the governmental doings and their work is to execute and process all the works that the state and the central government is needed to do and the orders passed by them.

The IAS service is the bureaucratic part of the country and has been given the part of the integration of the nation since the formation of the constitution.

The IAS officers have different ranks and they happen to be according to the power and departments that the person has.

The work of an IAS officer is to make sure that the administrative services under them stay intact and they happen to help the country be under the fully functional administration.

An IAS Officer is the person that gets selected by the government. for doing the great work of responsibility and that is to be staked responsible for the control of public undertakings and the works that are done by the government.

This service is one of the three integral services of the whole country and thus it makes the authority of an IAS officer to be very high and respectful.

Thus it can be said that this person has a special place in Indian society and happens to have a very high responsibility of the citizens too. Thus this is a tedious but highly paid job in all of India.

Full form of IAS

What are the Powers and Responsibilities of an IAS officer?

The powers and the responsibilities held by an IAS officer are very bureaucratic and need to be taken care of the powers that are professed by the IAS officers are the ones that help the people to be getting their government’s services to be intact and thus the IAS officers are all public servants and they serve the citizens of the country.

The powers that are held by the IAS officers are:

  1. Whenever there is a policy created to take their duty ser or an act done by the government of India, IAS officers are held responsible for the implementation of the same and this all needs to be done in the whole nation. Thus it is made sure by such officers that the policies of the government are made to be held working in the entire nation.
  2. The implementation of the government money and the budget to be drawn and framed for the government works, like building something or giving scholarships, are taken in supervision by the IAS officers and they make sure that the money-filled in by the citizens of India is being put in the right cause.
  3. The running of towns, cities, and villages are collectively under the authority of IAS officers and they are all at a different level with different works.

Thus this can be seen that the functioning of all the government works is taken in supervision by the IAS officers and they help in running the country smoothly.

This all makes the job to be highly responsible and paid.

What is the highest post held by an IAS Officer?

The IAS services have different levels and they work at a very different level too.

The integral running of all the framework of the country is in the hands of such officers.

The building of a flyover to take responsibility for the stay of the PM in a foreign country is all seen by the IAS service.

Thus there are different posts and designations held by the officers and it is needed to be highly experienced that the people get to higher posts.

At the start of the career, all the officers are posted at the divisional or can be called at the town hall level and they render their services.

Then they have to either give the exams or get their work to be proficient to have a rank push.

The highest that an IAS officer can get is the Cabinet Secretary of India. The functions of the cabinet secretary of India are to make sure that the cabinet of the Indian nation works smoothly and also they undertake the running of all the administrative services in India and stand responsible for them.

It is a highly prestigious and hard to get post.

What is the Salary of an IAS Officer?

IAS is the service that undertakes the running of the entire nation and thus this is a highly responsible and tedious job to do.

Thus it is needed that the officers get paid enough that they get to be having enough salary for their work.

The salaries of all the officers are decided after their post and the type of work that they do.

The starting posts of all the officers are at the divisional ones and thus they start from around 25000 to 30000/- INR.

These salaries start to rise with the rise in the post and district officers get around 50000/- INR, then the state officers get around 750000-100000/- INR and then the highest-paid IAS posts are the national posts.

They get more than around 1.5 lacs per month.

These all are the salaries that they get per month for their work. Thus the salaries are decided by the posts of the officers.

IAS full form in Hindi?

What are the educational requirements of an IAS Officer?

IAS officers are highly qualified officers as they get to such services after clearing some of the toughest exams of the whole nation and then only they get to render such services for the nation.

The IAS officers are all needed to be passing certain educational criteria to be selected as the working officers.

The qualifications of all the IAS officers need to be at least:

  1. 10+2 passed or equivalent individual with the distinctions in both the standards.
  2. Must hold a graduate degree or equivalent in any of the disciplines from a recognized college or university.
  3. Must be of age 21-30 and a citizen of India who has successfully passed the UPSC exam. The upper age limit extends 3 years for OBC & 5 years for SC/ST.

What is the physical qualification for an IAS officer?

An IAS officer needs to be having some of the physical criteria to be passed too as they have to go work on the fields and being healthy is very important for them to work. Thus the criteria that they need to pass are:

  1. For Males: Height is needed to be at least 160 cm and the age group is under 25-30 years. The males are needed to be having no permanent tattoos and also they need not be suffering from any of the deadly diseases. They also need to be perfectly able.
  2. For Females: Height is needed to be at least 150 cm and the age group is around 21-32 years. Rest all of the criteria of the males remain intact.

What is the syllabus for IAS exam?

What is IAS exam pattern

The exam that is held for this service is the UPSC exam that is taken by the central ministry of the nation.

It is held in three stages and they all have some differences in their syllabus.

  1. Stage 1: This is the preliminary examination and this comprises of 2 papers of 200 marks each. The candidates need to study Current events on the nation and also worldwide, Social and political governance of the country and the subjects that come under this, General Mathematics and Science.
  2. Stage 2: This is the main exam for the service and has 9 papers. The candidates need to study Comprehension, Decision making and problem-solving, Data interpretation, Data handling, and Reasoning. This is needed to be cleared for appearance in the next stage.
  3. Stage 3 is the interview round and doesn’t need any new syllabus this takes some general questions asked by the interviewers and the answers need to be precise and exact.

IAS full form

How do I study for the IAS exam?

Studying for any exam requires a determination mind and the person needs to be exact about whether it is the thing that they want the most.

Studying for the UPSC exam needs a very high concentration as this is one of the toughest exams in all of the nations and nearly lacs is students give it every year.

  1. Thus this is needed that the people study all the basic subjects like Social Studies, English, Science and Math from the level of 9th and till 12th. Then the person must also have the account of all the happenings around the world and also around the nation.
  2. After completing all the basic subjects of 9th and till 12th then it is important to know what exactly the syllabus is.
  3. Take some expert’s advice to go through all the syllabus.
  4. Collect all the content according to the syllabus then decide the time table.
  5. According to the time table create your strategy to complete all the syllabus as early as possible.
  6. get the previous 10 years’ paper and analyze the content and topic which is asked in previous papers.

Thus this is needed that the person studies all of it with complete attention and will and if available must join some class for it.

What are the best books for IAS preparation?

As we know there are two-stage of exams in IAS requirements, like Prelims and Main Exams. So for both exams, There are a list of  Best Books for IAS Preparation categories below-

World History Books for IAS

  1. World History by Arjun Dev
  2. A History Of The Modern World by Jain & Mathur

Indian History Books

Ancient History:

  1. Ancient India (NCERT) Prof. R.S. Sharma
  2. The Wonder That was India A.L. Basham 
  3. Ancient India – An Introductory Outline D.N. Jha
  4. Material culture & Social Formation in Ancient India R.S. Sharma

Medieval History: 

  1. Medieval India (NCERT) Satish Chandra
  2. The Wonder That was India (Vol.2), S.A.A. Rizvi
  3. The Agrarian System of Mughal India 1556-1707 Irfan Habib
  4. History Of Medieval India – Satish Chandra

Modern History:

  1. ‘A Brief History of Modern India’ by Spectrum
  2. ‘Concise History of Modern India’ by Sujata Menon

Indian Heritage and Culture

  1. Indian Art and Culture Nitin Singhania
  2. The Wonder That Was India A.L. Bhasham

Indian Polity Books

  1. The Constitution of India by P. M. Bakshi
  2. Indian Polity by Laxmikanth
  3. An Introduction to the Constitution of India by D. D. Basu

Indian  & World Geography Books

  1. Oxford School Atlas Oxford (Geography)
  2. Geography of India Majid Husain (Geography)
  3. Certificate Physical and Human Geography Goh Cheng Leong (Geography)

Economy Books

  1. Class 11 to 12 NCERTs
  2. Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh
  3. Indian Economy by Mishra and Puri

Science & Technology Books

  1. The Hindu
  2. Daily Newspapers/ Websites

Environment and Ecology Books

  1. The Hindu
  2. Daily Newspapers/ Websites

Current Affairs Books

  1. The Hindu
  2. News websites/ Application
  4. www.joblour.com (In Hindi)

English Comprehension Books

  1. Magazines like Kurukshetra, Yojana, Frontline
  2. Newspapers like Indian Express, EPW, The Hindu and Livemint

Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability Books

  1. MK Pandey’s Analytical Reasoning
  2. RS Aggarwal reasoning

Mathematics Books

  1. RS Aggarwal of S Chand publication


This can be thus said that the IAS officers are the people that happen to help in running the entire nation in smoothness and perfection.

These are the services that help in making the administration of the country to be done in an easy way.

Getting selected for this job is not easy and thus clearing the exam must be done.

Thus it can be concluded that this is a highly paid and prestigious owner for a person and the one that gets it must value it.

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